We provide high quality products made from Peruvian organic quinoa. Quinoa is a vegetable food that has the most essential amino acids. It is also gluten-free and good for digestion. Due to its nutritional properties we recommend to include it in your daily diet. We have three presentations of quinoa: White Quinoa, Red Quinoa, Black Quinoa. All of them has quick and nutritional recipes to help you to eat quinoa and stay healthy.



Our philosophy is to live in harmony with our world and the environment, feeling great with our beings and giving wellness to others, family and friends.Here, in our website, we want to share with you basic tips and ways to live and eat the quinoa. The main advice is: there are no rules, because we are unique and we have individual bodies with different nutritional needs, but one need in common that is care for our bodies’ health.


Find really cool and delicious quinoa recipes

White Quinoa

We recommend to use White quinoa in breakfast and lunch, because it is creamy and taste really good with honey and milk or with dressings if you like to cook a delicious dish.

Red Quinoa

We recommend to use Red Quinoa in lunch this food is excellent to combine with salads and tasty pieces of meat, fish or chicken.

Black Quinoa

We recommend to use Black Quinoa in the breakfast, because it has great properties to start the day with energy and a clear thinking

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Social Impact & Enviroment

All the products we sell are organic and fair-trade, we manage internal policies in order to make the quinoa commerce a sustainable business for the Andean communities and us.We supervise the quality of the fields in order to secure the organic feature. Then we take Lab examinations in order to reassure that the quinoa we sell to you is 100% organic.

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